Unique Rings for any Occasion

Unique Rings for any Occasion

Claddagh rings are traditional Irish rings that symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship. They have a unique design, a pair of hands, a heart and a crown is what composes these beautiful rings, each item represents a different thing, the heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty, and finally, the pair of hands represents friendship. The origin of Claddagh rings is a mystery for some, although, it is said that these rings originated in a small fishing village in Claddagh, Galway.

Among Irish people or those with Irish heritage, they consider these rings very popular and valuable. They represent the qualities of love so they are given to people to symbolize friendship, engagements, and even can be used as wedding rings. Mothers usually pass these rings to their daughters when they come of age, grandmothers, as well, can give the ring to their granddaughters.

There are many meanings these rings have, they are normally used to wish for love and friendship to reign in the lives of those who get the rings. Not only is it famous among the Irish, but also worldwide, these rings have stolen people’s hearts all around the world for the meaning they hold. Claddagh rings are the perfect gift for a friend, your partner in love, or a family member to express how you feel about them, how much their friendship and love mean to you.

Although it might be tempting to buy one of these rings for yourself, don’t do it! It’s is considered a sign of bad luck, instead, think about gifting them to someone else. You don’t have to be Irish to wear one of these rings, they are considered a universal sign of love, loyalty, and friendship, anyone can wear them.

There are many colors and materials the rings can come in. The traditional Claddagh rings are usually made of gold, but nowadays these rings are made of other metals, apart from gold, and can even be paired with beautiful stones as well. Of course, there are many stores that sell these rings, especially online. Gemiani is a store that sells a good variety of handmade Claddagh rings, perfect to please all preferences, they also sell Celtic rings and Art Deco rings. And the best part of it is that they are totally customizable, sometimes it’s hard to find a piece of jewelry that is exactly what we want, in this case, … Read the rest