How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener by Yourself

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightener by Yourself

Who needs a curling iron anymore? In reality, a woman’s best friend is often the hair straightener because it straightens and curls in a flash. Learn how to curl hair with straightener tools right now!

Prep Your Hair First

Start out by spraying your hair with a heat protectant. Hair straighteners are often hotter on the hair strands than the curling iron. The spray gives the hair a barrier to burnt conditions. Be generous with the spraying, ladies!

Don’t forget to comb and divide the hair out into vertical sections. You want only about an inch-wide section of hair inside the straightener. Otherwise, you’ll end up with flat curls. No one wants a frumpy look to their style.

Start at Eye Level

Today’s trends focus on loose curls. That’s the look that you’re going for here. Tight curls right at the scalp are meant for little girls. Avoid this route everyone.

Starting the straightener right at the scalp increases the chances of skin burns. This scenario is a no-no for any woman. Be relaxed with your style and stay away from the head.

Take one section of hair, and place the straightener at about eye level. This strategy forms the curls about three to four inches below your scalp.

Clamp-on and Turn

Have you ever used scissors to curl ribbons on presents? Use this same concept for your hair. Seriously, it works better than any curling iron around.

Clamp the straightener onto the hair at eye level. Immediately pull the tool downward and out as you make a half turn.

Use a firm yet gentle pull on the hair. Don’t let the straightener remain in one spot for very long! Not only does this scenario burn the hair, but you also end up with those unsightly clamp marks. Ugh!

Pay Attention to the Ends

Don’t curl the hair all the way down to the ends. Stop and remove the straightener a few inches away from the tips. Grab the section’s tip with your finger and hold the turned section for a few seconds.

This twist with your finger will solidify the curl in place. It’s actually better than trying to pull the straightener all the way down. Trust me, your fingers will complete the look and save you from split ends too.

Alternate Turns Around the Head

The direction in which you turn the straightener during the curling process is … Read the rest