How to Give Back to The Community Ideas

How to Give Back to The Community Ideas

What you wear definitely makes a statement about you. It tells others whether you are casual or formal, staid or flashy, run toward haute couture and expensive or economical and practical. All of this pretty much goes without saying, but did you know that you can also use what you wear to communicate your support of a cause or charity? Whether you choose a pink bow tie to increase awareness about breast cancer or don some other outfit or accessory for a reason, here are just a few of the companies who help you to transform what you wear into giving.


If you are a connoisseur of necklaces and bracelets made from semiprecious stones, Satya Jewelry has a wide selection of beautiful items, all made by hand. The proceeds help women and children in need around the globe. Already, more than $1 million has been donated to worthy causes.


If you love glasses, this stylish eyewear company that came into being in 2010 can satisfy your yen for a new look while simultaneously providing help. Buy one pair, and a second is donated to a person in need or to a worthy charity promoting important causes such as literacy.


This company started small with one simple burlap bag emblazoned with the word “FEED.” Over the years, it has evolved into selling a variety of handbags, clothing and accessories. The proceeds go toward children’s charities around the world, with the goal of ending hunger.


This company began by empowering women affected by the Rwandan genocide to craft beautiful jewelry to be sold around the world. Today, it has expanded to New York where it also works with women seeking to make a living after being incarcerated.


This philanthropic company uses the proceeds from the sales of its artisan-made accessories, clothing and furniture to fund the Urban Zen Foundation, an organization that has the goal of helping to transform healthcare and bolster the artisans of Haiti.


Who would have thought that the simple act of buying a whistle necklace could make such a difference? This company does just that by putting the proceeds of the sales of these accessories toward obtaining internet access, employment and improved healthcare in Congo.


Translate your love of hand-woven scarves into concrete help for the people of Ethiopia by buying these … Read the rest